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15 Mar, 2010

indoor/outdoor putting green?

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Backyard Putting Greens

all it has to be is some type of way to make a putting green!
I have recently developed an interest in golf and my putting is very weak. I would like to know how to build a cheap putting green. is there some type of in-expensive fabric that could be used indoor or outdoor to make a putting green. I do not really care if its indoor or outdoor i’d prefer outdoor but i guess it doesn’t really matter. it doesn’t really have to be a carpet it could be an inexpensive grass/turf. Im on a small budget answers are appreciated

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2 Responses to "indoor/outdoor putting green?"

1 | beachparty42_2000

March 15th, 2010 at 5:49 pm


go to home depot or loews and buy some astro turf ( basically fake grass ) it will cost you about 10 bucks then get some wood and make a raised bed ,,so you can have a hole to shoot for ….then you can change the wood and drape the turf over it to make more challenging up hill down hill type shots ,should be great to practice on .
good luck and have fun with it ~!

2 | JJ

March 15th, 2010 at 5:49 pm


I found this site, it may be out of your pricerange though…

…at this site you can buy used turf for around $1 per square foot, inexpensive but it would be more work to put make into a putting green…

…if your looking for cheap and easy you can just get premed putting greens…

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