Indoor Outdoor Putting Green

One of the best ways to lower your score is to become a good putter.  Putting represents close to 40% of your score no matter what the level of skill of the player.  As the old adage says “Driver for show and putt for dough”.  To putt well requires a lot of practice to improve and also to keep sharp.  If you live in a seasonal climate where winter sets in, your putting can fall apart during the long winter layoffs.  One on the best ways to improve and maintain your putting stroke and accuracy is through the use of an indoor or outdoor putting green.  There are many different shapes and sizes of putting greens than can be used both indoors and outdoors depending upon you budget and requirements.

First, let’s get back to the statistics for a moment.  Let’s say you are just starting out playing golf and are shooting an average score of 100.  This means that you are averaging around 40 putts per round which is at least 4 three putt greens per round if you don’t make a thing so it’s probably more than that.  If you can lower your putts per round to 32 that shaves 8 strokes off your game without changing your swing at all.  I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that I know that kills a good round more than having a lousy day on the greens.  You could have the worst day swinging the club than you’ve had in ages, but if you’re putting well you can salvage any day on the course and beat your opponents at the same time.  There is nothing better than to snake in a long putt when your opponent has a six footer left to take the hole.

rollout putting greens

So, if putting is so important, then it stands to reason that you should work on your putting as much as possible.  If you live in a seasonal area there is nothing that can hurt you putting as much as a long winter layoffs.  Even if you live in a moderate climate if you can’t get to the course everyday, like most people I know, then having an indoor or outdoor putting green at home will provide the best environment for improving your putting accuracy and keeping your stroke.

There are various types of indoor and outdoor putting greens available today which will correspond to anyone’s budget and requirement. Some of these greens are made out of a synthetic material that closely resembles a carpet. Other are made out of fibers where the spaces between are filled with sand and then smoothed out to simulate a real green.  Some have cups that are regulation depth and others have cups that are only as thick as the putting material.  Some of these green have slopes and some have fixed or moveable breaks to help you practice real life situations, Depending upon what you are interested in, it is possible to have several holes covering a wide area or a very short layout that you can roll up and place in a closet or take with you on a trip.  Some of these greens are made so that you can actually pitch balls onto the surface as well as putt on them

This web site is centered on the different types of indoor and outdoor putting greens and is designed to assist you in determining which type may best fit you application and provide the results you are looking for.


Backyard Putting Green

What I like most about that backyard putting green is that it is a great alternative to vegetating in front of the tv. Playing backyard golf is just about right. It is relaxing and easy, but it still keeps me up and moving around alot.

Backyard Putting Greens Enhance Landscape While Shrinking Handicap

At Southwest Greens, we invite you to remedy that problem by bringing your short game home with you. Our backyard putting greens promise to shrink your handicap through the force of sheer convenience.

Portable Putting Green

One way to really improve your golf game is by using a portable putting green. You can really improve your putting stroke by using this indoor or outdoor green. Putting can be done at your convience.