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30 May, 2010

Backyard Putting Green

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A large installation of a backyard putting green and the problems encountered with a deep infilled putting green. A very large putting green that had to be removed and redone with the proper materials. Technorati Tags: green, outdoor, putting

This lady and her son lived in the apartment that I’m moving in for over 40 years. The mother has been dead for at least 25 years. I’m sure that this urine smell in the wood floor has been there every since. I’ve used industrial outdoor bleach, I’ve used a product called "Simple Green", I […] OK, your a golfer or you would not be watching this video. You have a putter, you have tried putters and regardless of how much you have spent nothing has really changed. To add insult to injury, if you are approaching or have reached middle age, you are getting the yips. I am 52 […]

i’m thinking grass seed for putting greens Technorati Tags: grass seed, Putting Greens

27 May, 2010

How to install a putting green

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Step by step instruction on a putting green install. Technorati Tags: artificial, build, diy, do it yourself, golf, how to, putting green, steps, turf

27 May, 2010

Jeff Goble putting tips

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Putting tips from SGT Teaching Pro Jeff Goble. Technorati Tags: sgteast

I started a bunch of flowers from seed recently. When they were about 2" high and it was warm enough, I put them outside during the day. (They were basil and Johnny jump up seedlings, I think. Outdoor temp was 65ish). Now most of them are starting to shrivel and get "crispy". They are not […]

25 May, 2010

Rules of Golf – Inadvertant Strike of The Ball

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on the putting green, a player has not addressed the ball but strikes the ball with his putter. ruling? the ball moves. can someone quote the rule number and ruling? Technorati Tags: ball moves, rule number, rules of golf

24 May, 2010

Tour Links Designer Series Putting Green

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Tour Links Designer Series comes in four models:15’x17′, 18’x23′, 20’x32′, and 28’x28′. Easy to Install in the backyard or the basement, each design is available in two styles depending upon the installation site. For the backyard, the surrounding landscape is brought right up to the top of the panels creating that natural built in look […]