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I went to to find out how my digital reception would be.It put it into color codes (ch 9 & 5 was green, 64 was purple, 19 was red, etc.) What does that mean? Also, if it has to do with new antennas, how do I know what color my 1980’s outdoor antenna is? […]

28 Jun, 2010

lawn mower for putting green.HELP!?

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Backyard Putting Greens parents have decided to let me get a putting green for my backyard because we have the right soil etc and it will be relitivly in-expensive.but they are not paying hundreds for a putting green mower that will cut it at the correct hight. i understand that you need a cylinder mower and not […] BirdieBall has developed and inexpensive but accurate indoor outdoor putting green system. Made from foam, the green has a proprietary texture which resembles that of a putting green. Now putting is totally transportable. The 4 foot x 9 foot surface area rolls up and stores easily. Technorati Tags: amusement, birdie ball, birdieball, golf, golfer, […]

Put like Tiger Woods with the 2/4 putting drill. Technorati Tags: golf, golf matt, golf putting, golf swing, junior golf, kids golf, put, putting, putting green, putting stoke, tiger woods

27 Jun, 2010

Grass for a putting green?

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I want to build a putting/chipping green, what type of grass should I use. Also any ideas on the best thing to cut it with? Technorati Tags: grass, putting green

i am putting a new plug on an orange outdoor electrical extension cord. there are three colored wires inside, white, black and green. which is which? Technorati Tags: extension cord

24 Jun, 2010

Simple Putting Tips: Tom Ward

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Another series of simple and informative golf tips on the green by a golf pro who knows. Technorati Tags: ACTION, BALLS, CARTS, CLUBS, course, DAILY, DRILLS, EDUCATIONAL, FUN, golf, lessons, NEW, professional, putter, SHAFT, SIMPLE, sports, TEACHER, TEXAS, tips, TOM, TV, USA, Video, WARD, WORLDWIDE Golf, golf, golf! On-site resort events, crafts, classes, tours, ballroom dancing, bbqs, more. Putting green, fitness center, heated pools poolside bar, volleyball, shuffleboard, gated. Large groups welcome. Top Rated! Technorati Tags: ballroom, billiards, california, clubhouse, dancing, getaway, golden, golf, green, hemet, holiday, motorhome, palm, palms, park, putting, resort, rv, shuffleboard, springs, sunland, vacation, village, […]

Ferris State University’s PGM Program recently installed an indoor putting green. The product is from Greenskeeper Golf out of Detroit and it looks and putts fantastic. Enjoy the video – the installation was a two day project. Technorati Tags: Ferris State University, PGM, Professional Golf Management