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29 Jul, 2010

How to take care of a green tree frog?

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I found a green tree frog in my backyard and put it in a bug jar with air holes in it is there anything i can put in there so that they will live or what do they need to survive? Hes a SMALL frog Technorati Tags: air holes, bug jar, frog, green tree frog, […]

I put a 50 gallon pond in two weeks ago and it was beautiful. I have some pond lillies, marginal plants, small barley cake and an algae pack in it plus 4 goldfish and a 350 gal/per/hr pump with a pre-filter. About a week ago I noticed the liner getting a little slimy and the […]

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28 Jul, 2010

Putting Tips from Golf Design Expert Ralph Maltby

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Golf Equipment Designer, Author, and Speaker Ralph Maltby gives tips on putting including face angle and ball marking. More expert advice at Technorati Tags: CLUBS, golf, golfer, Maltby, putters, putting, Ralph, tips BirdieBall is always packaging products to bring extra value to the golf consumer. In this case, we have packaged the original Giant Putting Greens with the PGA’s Best New Product from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in 2009. Watch this video and seen what a riot it is to make a long putt […]

I live in San Diego, CA and would prefer a local company. Technorati Tags: local company, san diego ca

I have searched online but its very hard to find.any suggestions on what shop I could get it in? Technorati Tags: artificial grass, buy, synthetic, turk

26 Jul, 2010

How to improve my putting on the green?

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What are some tips and suggestions for making putting a little easier on the golf course. Technorati Tags: golf course, putting, tips

This is a good question from one of our readers. All the places i have seen say to put a layer of sand on the turf. I would like any other suggestions Technorati Tags: filled, sand, turf