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31 Aug, 2010

Golf Tips – Anthony Kim – Short Game and Putting

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A Korean American, Kim was born in Los Angeles and resides in Dallas, Texas. He attended La Quinta High School in La Quinta, California. After High School he attended the University of Oklahoma for three years. He was part of the winning USA team in the 2005 Walker Cup. Kim turned professional in 2006 and […]

I thought i read that somewhere. i work at a golf course sorry. this is suppost to ask does it increase the temperature of the surface Technorati Tags: golf course, top dressing

This one of a kind landscape feature is perfect for your work place or your residence. A synthetic Putting Green is almost no maintenance, and about the same cost as a brick patio. Our putting greens can be permanently installed outside, or temporarily installed inside for a corporate event or party. Imagine being able to […]

Currently it’s mostly weeds, and assorted rocks. I want something beautiful soft and really green. Any ideas? Technorati Tags: rocks, weeds

27 Aug, 2010

LGBT: SURVEY!!!!!! have fun pplz?

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what do you wish youre name was? what famous person would you trade places with? should rules be broken? followed? or used as guidelines??? how do you study?? do you read instructions b4 putting something together? small town? or, big city? how do you like ur potatoes? foreign films…yay or nay??? smartest person you know?? […]

Our DreamGreen Putting Greens are made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Technorati Tags: dreamgreens, duffy golf, Indoor Putting Greens, Putting Greens

Teen Golf Phenom on CBS Live. Golf Phenom Zakiya Randall with Tracye Hutchins CBS, CNN. Golf Phenom on CBS Atlanta ‘Better Mornings Atlanta’. Going Green with Golf Star ‘Z’ on the putting green with Golf Balls gives some golfing techniques. Golf Sensation Cute ‘Z’ Wear. Zakiya Randall golf sensation live on CBS discusses Golf Beauty, […]

24 Aug, 2010

Golf Tips: Putting techniques

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Golf pro Dave Lane talks about different styles of putting, including left hand low, long putter, belly putter and claw style Technorati Tags: Dave, golf, Hopkinton, Lane, Lowell, putter, putting, sun

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Top 100 Lesson teacher, Scott Monroe gives a putting tip on how to get that perfect pendulum swing from practice on the putting green to round results. Practicing the physics and principles of the long, belly putter will improve your short putting game. Technorati Tags: action television, belly putter, CLUBS, courses, golf, instruction, MAGAZINE, pendulum, […]