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30 Sep, 2010

Cutting Putting Green Grass?

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Putting Greens

Ok, so my dad and I are considering putting a putting green in our yard. We would use real grass of course, and we would be able to get a DIY kit for really no money when considering that you are making a PUTTING GREEN IN YOUR YARD. All that is great, but something that […]

I just wanted to know cuz if it is then i would try it more cuz it seems easier and I am in gold with my school Technorati Tags: golf, rules of golf

How To Have Better Putting Speed Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction – How To Have Better Putting Speed Learn how to putt better and how to have a good putting speed. Being a good putter will tremendously help your golf game and lower your scores. In this video Golf Instructor, Jaacob Bowden will […]

27 Sep, 2010

Bentgrass sod?

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Backyard Putting Greens

I want to put in a putting green in my backyard,where can get some sod for bentgrass? Technorati Tags: putting green, sod

Giant Putting Greens by BirdieBall, Authentic Feel and Roll Makes for Perfect Putting Practice. They are made of a new revolutionary, synthetic material which replicates the nub texture of a real putting green. Unlike artificial grass which has radical speed changes depending on the grain of the material, this new synthetic material has subtle grain […]

26 Sep, 2010

Golf putting green?

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What putting green/mat should I get. I was looking at the tour links dogbone. Suggestions????? Technorati Tags: indoor, putting green

24 Sep, 2010

Home Lawn Putting Green Help

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Putting Greens

Hello I’m trying to find a putting green for my whole front lawn with a chipping green border and a few holes for targets. I googled it and everything was too expensive. I don’t mind if it’s fake or real. Also, my front yard isn’t a square or rectangle. It’s a very weird shape and […]

22 Sep, 2010

Putting green flags??

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Where can I find putting green flags that are tall, or just the flag for that matter??? Need it for Fathers Day!! Thanks for any help!! Technorati Tags: fathers day, flags, putting green

Golf Channel’s feature story about the backyard golf course known as Golden Bear Country Club, and coverage of the Fifth Annual Golden Bear Open. For more information, go to Technorati Tags: Backyard Golf Course, backyard putting green, Belleville, Debbie Cavese, Fred Cavese, GBCC, Golden Bear Country Club, Golden Bear Open, Golf Channel, Golf in […]

Lee Scarbrow putting tips start the ball on the right line Technorati Tags: and, coaching, DRILLS, golf, lee, Scarbrow, tips