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30 Nov, 2010

Provoto Indoor Putting Greens

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Provoto is introducing the first true “Training Aid” and “Furniture Essential”. The Champion (10 foot) has the perfect Oak wood surface with the exclusive “Rock N Roll” adjustment. “Office Mate (6 foot) and Advantage (8 foot) fold up for portability” says Brian Lake author of “PUTT LIKE A PRO” “They’re easy to set up at […]

30 Nov, 2010

#97 – Reading the Green

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IN this episode we speak with PGA Pro Barry Bonifield about how to properly read a green when putting. Technorati Tags: Bionic, Glove, Gloves, golf, grip, pga, putting, sports, tips

28 Nov, 2010

Adaptive Golf Tips : Adaptive Golf Putting Tips

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Putting in adaptive golf is a bit different than your normal putt. Learn tips on how to adapt and adjust your game from anexpert in this free video clip. Expert: Dave Schoeneck Contact: Bio: Dave Schoeneck is an instructor with Wasatch Adaptive Sports and is a very keen Golfer Dave works through the various […]

Celebrity Homes – Chris Daughtry Oak Ridge, North Carolina Rocker Chris Daughtry rose to fame in 2006 by making it to the final four of the American Idol talent competition. Daughtry’s performances made a big impression and he was quickly signed to a recording contract with RCA Records following the competition. Daughtry was born in […]

25 Nov, 2010

Leveled Putting Green Surface

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View of leved putting green prior to synthetic putting green installation. Technorati Tags: area, artificial, backyard, Bay, Ca, dog, fake, Francisco, free, golf, grass, green, greens, indoor, Jose, lawn, lawns, lead, outdoor, practice, putting, run, San, synthetic, turf

24 Nov, 2010

Back Yard Golf Practice Range

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Golf Mats, Teego, Flag, Putting Green a great combo Technorati Tags: automatic tee machine, golf flag, golf mats, putting green, teego

I got the steps of this web site. The web site is WWW.KINIPELA.CA/GREEN.HTML (if you want to take a look). To sum it up, it says dig a hole 18inches deep then put 4inches of pea gravel then fill the rest of the hole with dirt then plant the grass. But i live in Northeast […]

Building breaks and undulations on the synthetic putting green. Technorati Tags: area, artificial, Bay, Ca, dog, fake, free, grass, lawn, lawns, lead, run, synthetic, turf

Learn the perfect putting technique with Doug Weaver, Director of Instruction at the golf academy at Palmetto Dunes. Make more putts by rocking your shoulder instead of swinging with your hands. For more tips like this visit Palmetto Dunes at Technorati Tags: carolina, dunes, fitness, golf, head, hilton, palmetto, putting, putts, resort, south, sports, […]

20 Nov, 2010

is 20mm too high of grass for a putting green?

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