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30 Dec, 2010

Putting Green

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I managed to chip in 3 out of 5 foam balls into the hole on camera Technorati Tags: chipping, golf, indoor

28 Dec, 2010

SKLZ Vari-Break Putting Green

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Introducing a new putting trainer from SKLZ, the Vari-break putting green. The Vari-Break Putting Green allows you to practice almost any type of putt with adjustable wedges that can create variations in the green. This mat is perfect for the home or office. You can purchase this item at Technorati Tags: golf home, golf […]

27 Dec, 2010

Golf Lessons – Putting Tips

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Greg’s put together some putting instructions and putting drills for better golf results at the Gold Coast Golf School, Australia Technorati Tags: DRILLS, education, game, golf, golfers, golfing, golg, green, instruction, lesson, putting, SCHOOL, short, tips

June vegetable garden update. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at Technorati Tags: Avoyelles, Cajun, garden, louisiana, Parish, vegetable, vegetables

26 Dec, 2010

Should i get a 9×3 putting green?

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Whats the difference between the two?–1008236/mats/izzo/3-x-9-putting-mat.aspx?gd=1 Technorati Tags: 9×3, jsp, product id, product index, putting mat

25 Dec, 2010

Should I worry?

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Yesterday early evening I went to my colleages house to collect a guinea pig she could no longer look after (it was attacking her other guinea pig). I put it in my carrier and bought it home and put it in the cage I had set up. The cage is the one I use for […]

24 Dec, 2010

Argon Laser Putter

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Indoor Putting Greens The Argon is the premier putting stroke trainer. This laser putter utilizes a three-laser system to improve anybodys putting potential. Put your putting practice to maximum use with this easy to use device. There are plenty of golf swing practice devices and indoor practice putting green options, but the Argon laser putter is above […]

24 Dec, 2010

Golfing putting green goes flying 2

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I say might because she might wait for me to be home as I’m at my grandmothers at the moment. Ok my baby is fifteen, was indoor-outdoor most of her life (she was a street cat for awhile, abandoned by our neighbors), and was poisoned by either eating a poisoned rat or food laced with […]