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31 Jan, 2011

Diamond Tour Golf Tips – Indoor Putting Drills

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Use these simple golf tips to practice your putting indoors or outdoors. Technorati Tags: Diamond Tour Golf, diamondtour,, golf tips, Indoor Putting Tips, Putting Tips

29 Jan, 2011

Backyard putting green 2008 ( week 4)

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Backyard putting green project Technorati Tags: backyard, green, project, putting

27 Jan, 2011

Indoor wood putting green

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4x2x8 boards and a 4×8 sheet of plywood cut 2 4x2x8 boards 45″ and put 2 screws on the outside of the frame lay the last 2 on in the middle place the first one 2 ft from the front and the other one 3 ft from the last one cut 2 holes in the. […]

This is a video of a backyard putting green we installed. The back quarter of the green, and a spot in the center, is really scalped down to the dirt in some areas because we did not have the bedknife and height of cut properly adjusted. The green was seeded with KingPin Creeping Bentgrass in […]

25 Jan, 2011

What are practice putting greens made from?

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I am thinking I want to build a putting area in my yard. How would I do that? Technorati Tags: construction, practice, putting green

Famous disc golf coach and pro Mark Ellis presents this in-depth program that guarantees your putting success. Technorati Tags: Disc, Discraft, ellis, frisbee, golf, help, instruction, putt, sports, tips

Main Site – Golf & Putting Greens Tips – 6480 Half Dome Court Livermore, CA 94551 (925) 443-7888 Technorati Tags: Backyard Putting Greens, Forever Putting Greens, golf, golfing, Grass Forever, mini golf, putt, putting, Putting Greens, tour links

22 Jan, 2011

At Home Putting Greens

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Enjoy Golfing and Improve Your Game From Your Own Home! Now short game practice is easy and fun, with professional putting greens custom-installed as indoor and outdoor systems. Technorati Tags: Games, golf, golfing, greens, indoor, Ourdoor, putters, putting, sports

20 Jan, 2011

Backyard Putting Greens/Golf

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“How to Build a Putting Green,” (c)2007 hamdani. Buy the book! Hamdani has created a craze among backyard golf putting green enthusiast. He covers construction, design, grass and turf, and everything you need to know. Technorati Tags: backyard, golf, grass, greens, putting, synthetic

I bought a country crape myrtle plant a few feet high a few weeks ago. I planted it in my backyard here in texas. I watered it everday like it said, put root stimulater, and potting soil mixed with the dirt. Now its wilting. What am i doing wrong? How can i revive it? The […]