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28 Feb, 2011

Build Your Own Backyard Putting Green

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Backyard Putting Greens is the real McCoy. How to Build a Putting Green (at home) (c)2007hamdani. Buy the Book! Golf green Construction, grass, planning, every aspect of backyard greens are discovered. The book unfolds, reveals, and demystify the putting! green. Technorati Tags: backyard, golf, greens, putting

City TV’s story on the Putting Cyclops! See more at Technorati Tags: golf, Golf Fix, Michael Breed, putting, Putting Cyclops, Putting Tips,

Tour Links demonstrates contours on their putting greem practice system. A must see for golfers who are serious about improving their game. Technorati Tags: contours, golf, how, practice, putting, sports, technology, to

Backyard Putting Green | Custom Designs | Rainbow Landscaping | Toronto Dreaming of your very own private putting green? Artificial turf and Rainbow Landscaping can make your dream of a backyard putting green come true! Call Rainbow Landscaping of Toronto (905) 731-7220 Visit Us Follow Us on Twitter http More of our Designs on […]

22 Feb, 2011

How to Build a Putting Green(2007)hamdani

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Book: How to Build a Putting Green (c)hamdani2007 Buy the Book! Everything you need to know to build a quality putting green. Backyard putting greens installation does not have to be expensive. Know your cost. Technorati Tags: backyard, Book, greens, putting, sports, turf

21 Feb, 2011

PuttingShark Putting Aid

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The PuttingShark is a complete putting training aid and putt analyzer. Connect the PuttingShark high tech optical sensing platform to your computer, and the PuttingShark software captures data from 65 optical elements to create an accurate visual representation of your putt. Bring the putting green indoors to your home or office. Use your own putter […] – Eliminate some of those 3 putts with this putting tip from Paul Hobart, PGA Professional and the author of Banana Putting. Technorati Tags: 3 putt, banana putting, paul hobart, putting instruction, Putting Tips

Dear Golf Enthusiast: “Do You Want To Be The Envy Of Your Friends and Family and If You Have a Son or Daughter; Do You Want Them To Learn The Life Skills Needed To Be Successful Through Integrity, Honor, Respect and Confidence?” Investing In Your Own Backyard Putting Green Will Allow You To Practice More […]

17 Feb, 2011

What is a putting green?

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16 Feb, 2011

Homemade Putting Green

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this is a ghetto way to create your own little putting green. your gunna get some good practice out of this thing. have fun and remember to SUSCRIBE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Technorati Tags: anthony, Black, ghetto, golf, golfing, green, homemade, kim, NIKE, oz, Phil, practice, pro, put, putter, putting, tiger, v1