An Artificial Golf Putting Green Will Help Your Game

When thinking about installing an artificial putting green several questions come up. You need to choose the type of fake grass, the installation method, and as with all big projects you are probably asking yourself if it will actually help your golf game. This article will take a look at these questions and so you make some better decisions.

The first question that should be addressed is whether an artificial putting green will help your golf game. Part of the reason this question comes up so often is that fake grass has a different roll than real grass and the absolute truth is that if you have access to a real bent grass golf green everyday and during all seasons, then it would be better to be out on real grass.

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The problem is that most of us do not have this access. This can be due to severe weather extremes that make real grass ungrowable or dormant most of the year, leaving the golf season short. And many golfers do not have the time or money to devote to going to their local course every time they would like to practice.

For this reason, having an artificial putting green in your backyard can be a great boost to your game because you have access year round. You can train in the off season, so to speak, and be ready to kick some butt by the time spring rolls back around. Natural grass does not allow for this, either at home or on the local course.

And even though, golf ball speed may be different on fake turf versus real grass, that is true for all golf courses and weather conditions. Golf in Scotland will be different than Florida and wet and dry conditions will require you to adjust your game. This means that no matter where you practice and play, you will constantly be playing under different conditions.

The practice that will benefit you most is perfecting the mechanics of your swing. An artificial putting green allows you to practice and find your true swing in the convenience of your backyard.

As to the material you will want to use and how to install the putting green, it is recommended to speak with your local suppliers and visit the PGA’s site to peruse the putting green standards.

When it comes to installing your green, there are many places that offer detailed instructions, but the basics are as follows. Kill all vegetation around the future putting green area. You will need to decide on the contours and golf ball cup locations of the area and support the area with a sub-base of compacted stone. Then cover with artificial turf, secure outer edges, and install the cups.

As you can see, an definitely has its place for serious golfers and weekend warriors alike. Enjoy your new private green and impress your friends with your improved short game.

Author: James Steele

James provides information about the types of artificial putting green through his putting green website.

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