Backyard Golf Putting Greens

Synthetic Backyard Greens Make Practice Convenient

The honest golfer knows that the secret to a good short game isn’t a secret at all. It’s about putting the work in, a goal many a busy schedule has curtailed. At Southwest Greens, we invite you to remedy the problem of finding practice time by bringing the game home with you. Our backyard putting greens promise to shrink your handicap through the force of sheer convenience. Custom fit your backyard with a green whose artificial grass incorporates the look and feel of Michigan’s finest courses. And begin the process of making your short game an ally in the pursuit of a lower handicap.

Consider how often the responsibilities and time constraints of everyday living derail your plans to get out to the practice green. Now think of what it would be like having your own putting green quite literally out the back door. Such convenience means that no amount of free time that could be devoted to practice, be it ten minutes or an hour, is wasted. Installing a golf green at your home is a quick and easy process, but not as easy as it will be to access the game you love at a moment’s notice. We’ve no doubt you’ve got the will to work on your game. At Southwest Greens, we aim to show you that where there’s a will there is indeed the way.

There is a practical side to installing a backyard green, and that is in the value and aesthetic beauty it will add to your home as a whole. Instantly you’ll have made your backyard one of the most unique in your neighborhood, while simultaneously creating a gathering place for family and friends. What a wonderful opportunity to share the game you love with family and friends, all in a maintenance free environment in which mowing, watering, fertilizing, and other chores are removed from the mix altogether. All that’s left is to enjoy and, of course, improve.

If you’re serous about bringing out the best your short game has to offer, it makes sense to add convenience of location to your practice equation. Make your backyard the place where your putting and chipping are fully realized, and add value to your home and leisure time in the process. All of the values inherent in your having your own private practice facility make this one a no-brainer. Make it happen today, with a little help from Southwest Greens.

By: Paul Riener

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For more than 21-years Southwest Greens of Lower Michigan President Paul Reiner has specialized in golf course renovation and golf course design. Highly regarded memberships in the Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA) and the Michigan Nursery Landscape Association (MNLA), among others, affirm an unquestioned commitment to quality product and service.

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