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21 Jan, 2013

How to make a putting green?

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11 Apr, 2012

How can I build my own putting green?

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Can I use any grass? How about lawn mower? Can I get all I need at a local store or do I have to order online? Technorati Tags: grass, local store, putting green

15 Sep, 2011

What is the best turf putting green?

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I am looking to get a turf putting green installed in my yard but there are so many options that I don"t know which ones the best. I am looking to get about a 500 sq foot green Technorati Tags: putting green, quot, turf

07 Sep, 2011

What is the key to putting and reading a green?

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I am a decent drvier and decent with an iron, and around the green im best in my game, but once i get their my putting is horrible! I cant read a green and i cant tell the speed at all. I 1-putt maybe once in a round, 2-putt maybe 5, and 3 or more […]

People sometimes make video’s where they take someone standing infront of a green screen and put other video footage replacing the green. My question is how do you do that? Technorati Tags: infront, video footage

I’m preparing to install a Putting Green in my back yard for golfing. My area is only 10′ X 10′ where should I look to buy that turf? And how quickly can they get it to me? Technorati Tags: back yard, putting green, turf

In the past events we have set up a "mini" course on the putting green with limbs and rocks simulating trees. We’ve cut small bunkers and even water hazards. Last year we used props from around the world with each hole representing a different country. The event is coming up and I need a new […]

I have a sunroom with carpeting that is very thin, much like real greens. If anything, it’s even thinner and faster than real greens. It’s even slanted a little, and when I hit a golf ball, if breaks. Is this a good way to practice putting since I can’t always get out to a putting […]

I bought a putting green from dick’s sporting goods for and after 20-30 shots the ball return stopped working please leave suggestions on how I can fix it Technorati Tags: ball return, dick, putting green, sporting goods

i was thinking about building it like a deck. about a half a foot off the ground, then covering it with ply-wood. then taking some sort of fake turf. then taking some PVC pipe to make 2 or 3 cups.using a thin wooden dowel and some fabric for flags. also to make it a little […]