DIY Putting Greens – How To Build It

We can work out to perfect our golf putts by practicing more often. And where else is a more suitable place than in the comforts of home-or the backyard, to be precise. How about converting it into a nice backyard putting green?

Sure, its ever golf enthusiasts dream to have their own putting green and to tell the truth, it’s not as hard as it would seem. Simply make that plan for your very own putting green and then do it! Having your own putting green is a simple project that anyone can do and before you know it you will be putting away in the comfort of your very own home. Who knows, you might even take a few strokes off your game and that’s worth a little effort, right?

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We begin with the site and layout. Analyze our place. Is there heavy traffic outside? Do we need to raise the fence up a bit using mesh wire? Often, all it takes is putt control to remedy the possibility of the golf ball going too far elsewhere. After all, we won’t be doing full swings on our backyard putting green. Putt is merely making the ball roll into the hole.

Then we start to clean up. Get rid of poor soil, rocks, lumps, etc. that would hinder the making of a flat and level backyard putting green and growing quality grass. Use a pick and a shovel.

Start laying good soil about an inch thick. Rake it evenly across the ground. We may opt for a bed of sand first before putting the clean soil. Also seriously consider a good drainage. Then, the top soil should be perfectly fine textured and clean soil-not even a speck of dirt found. Contour the backyard putting green to our preference, remembering also that soil settles over time.

Then we come to the irrigation system. This is a sensitive matter that needs expert advice. Get an expert on the matter for supervision or else make sure that we understand backyard putting green maintenance. A tip here is to water the grass at the same hour daily. Quality grass is sensitive.

Remember, also that care for grass on a backyard putting green and care for grass on our front lawn are two very different things. They have different mowing cycles and use different mowers, too. The same with their chemical treatments. It’s best to get help from a backyard putting green expert.

Supervision of the putting green is important. We have to know the peculiar needs of the grass type we have placed in our backyard putting green. We have to know its mowing cycles and the kind of tools appropriate for handling the putting green. We should have all the needed equipments for putting green maintenance.

But when we have our backyard putting green already functional its enjoyment will more than outweigh the necessary maintenance work. Just the sight and feel of a backyard putting green are enough for total satisfaction-not to mention the convenient putting practice it affords.

Author: John Grant

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