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28 Oct, 2011

Executive Putting Greens Referral

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How Would You Like to Make Some Easy Money With Little to NO WORK? …Give Me 2 ½ Minutes and I’ll tell you how or you can just read below Dear Golf Industry Insider: would you like to put more cash In your pocket today? It’s super simple and I’m going to show you the way Hi I’m Jim Gehrke with Executive Greens and we have put together the easiest referral program in the industry. All you have to do is put out this 4 pg magazine interview I did with Inside Golf Monthly. This interview covered all of the important questions your clients will need to know before purchasing their own putting green. This program is perfect for the pro shop and the golf course owners and managers who want to put some extra “Green” in their pockets. Here’s how it works. We give 5% of any sale to whoever refers us a client and we will give a gift certificate to your business to anyone we give a quote to. Everyone’s a Winner !! It’s a true Win-Win-Win. The customer wins because they get a gift certificate to your business or a putting green that they want. You win because you either get referral money from us or a gift certificate sale and I win because I get the opportunity to quote a putting green or I get a putting green job. We started this program last year and we gave away thousands of dollars to a lot of happy golf professionals. One of those happy guys was Michael Stortz of B&G Golf. Michael owns 4 stores in the Milwaukee area and we gave him 0 for his two referrals. I have to admit

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