How can I build a putting green in my backyard?

I am looking to create a putting green in my backyard at the cheapest price possible. Here are some of the facts:
1. I have about a 12’x8′ space to use for the green so I hope I can make a smaller one.
2.I don’t need it to be Augusta National Speed…lol…I am just looking for something I can use to chip and practice on
3. I live in Pennsylvania so I am looking to plant a grass seed which will survive during a snowy winter
4.I have a limited budget for this project, so I was hoping that I could bypass some parts of methods I have heard of such as putting down serious concrete and rock
5. My ideal green would be something near the length and consistency of a regular fairway
If anyone can provide a cheap method to build a decent green, that would be very helpful.

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