How Putting Practice on Your Home Putting Green Makes Perfect

Get the most out of your by making practice time worthwhile.  If you practice perfect, then perfect practice will indeed help you lower your score.

Practice is the single most important thing when it comes to improving your putting performance. If you really want to change your game and show your friends up out on the golf course, then it’s important that you take the time to work on the fundamentals of your putting swing, so that you can shave a stroke or two off of each hole. Let’s look at a few ways that you can work on perfecting your putting practice.

A great way to start your practice session is by attempting to hit your putts at a ball marker instead of focusing on the hole. This will give you a chance to hit your golf balls in the general area without an extreme concern for absolute perfection. Instead, you should focus on the simple body mechanics of the swing and gauging the distance from your ball to the ball marker that you’re attempting to stop close to.

As your body starts to loosen up, and your putts consistently stop close to the ball marker, begin to increase the distance of your practice putts. Again this will help you to focus on the simple motions of your swing and reading the distance of the putt, beginning at 3 feet, then 6 feet, then 10, and so on until you feel comfortable placing the ball.

Now you’ll want to pull your distance in again and find a practice green with holes instead of ball markers. Now that you can confidently place the putt within the distance specified, it is time to work on your exact accuracy. Obviously this means you will be going for the hole.

As you attempt to put the ball in the hole from the 3 foot and 6 foot distances make sure that you are starting off flat part of the green. Since you will just be starting to perfect your accuracy you want as few variables as possible, so a flat surface will allow you simply focus on hitting the hole without concern for changing grades and slopes. In the future, you will add these complications to your putting practice, but right now you want to make sure that you’re taking it one step at a time.

If you follow this pattern of practice on a consistent basis you will start to see dramatic improvement on your short game. Aside from making sure that you are practicing correctly, you must focus on doing this on a very consistent time frame. Make sure that you are getting out onto a practice green at least a few times a week, especially if you are newer to the sport or early in your putting training. One of the best ways to achieve this is by installing your own personal putting green in your backyard.

By practicing several days a week, your body will learn the mechanics of your swing and it will become second nature. If there is too much time in between practice sessions, then each practice will be almost like starting from the beginning. You need consistent repetition to make sure that your body would memorize the patterns and you get a solid feel for the putting distances and energy required.

Author: James Steele

James provides information about the putting green turf for your backyard through his website on backyard putting greens.

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