How to fix synthetic putting green surface?

I just had a synthetic putting green installed for my son. They used 1" polypropylene with sand infill. A base of crush granite was compacted and then an inch of fine leveling mix was spread over the granite. The putting surface has several areas that are uneven and there are a few "ridges and indentation lines" that alter the role of putts, the result is skipping and bouncing. The surface has sand infill up to 90% of the fiber height and it was rolled using a 250 lb roller recently. Rolling helped some but we still have noticeable lines and uneven spots on the putting surface. I as told that these may smooth out over time, but I don’t want to wait too long as it is usually better ot have the contractors correct their work before paying them. This group has done other greens and I saw how nice they looked before choosing this contractor. I need some guidance as to what may cause this type of surface issue so that I can get these corrected so that our investment has some use to my family.

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