How To Install A Putting Green

The process of building a backyard putting green is not as difficult as one might think.  Once you have figured out where you want to place your green, measured the area and purchased the synthetic turf, it’s just a case of installation.

First, grab to tools you will need – shovels, rakes, sod cutter, wheelbarrow, hammer, plus a compact utility loader to level the ground and a plate compactor for the compressing the material.

The materials you will need for 400 sq foot putting green are approximately 5.5 tons of gravel, 2 and 1/3 tons of crusher fines gravel or fine limestone, sod staples or landscape spikes, putting green cups and flags plus the 400 sq feet of artificial putting green. If you are going for the high end putting green then you will need sand as well to go on top of the puttig green material.

First, clear the area where the putting green will go. Then uses the compact utility loader for leveling the ground. Once that is finished, then mark out the area for the putting green using landscape marking paint.

After the dimensions are outlined, install the gravel base, raking the gravel evenly over the area and tamping it down.  Buy renting a plate compactor, tamping is fairly easy. If you don’t want to rent a plate compactor you could borrow a tamper from your local little league as they use this on their fields. The important thing here is to make sure that there aren’t any unenven spots where water could collect.  Generally, you should crown the center if the putting green and slope it towards the sides so that any excess water will run off.

Then the crusher stone or fine limestone, which then levels the surface and helps drainage while proecting the putting green for the hard gravel surface underneath.

The next step is to spread out the putting green over the gravel course and work from the center out so as not to step on the surface.. Outdoor putting greens come in all shapes and sizes and, in many cases, are completely put together, so you are not requred to match the seams.The edges of the putting green are secured using the landscape spikes or sod staples. These are placed along the sides around every 6 or 8 inches.

Some putting greens come with several holes precut into the turf,so you will need to dig out the gravel and install the cup as you go along.  If not, then you will need to cut the hole in the green as well as you proceed in laying out the green on the surface.  Make sure the cup is even with the surface and is securely placed on all sides.

If you have the type of green that requires sand, then it is added to the top of the surface of the artificial green and brushed in as required to create the correct speed you are wishing to attain.

putting green installation

Backyard Putting Greens

Our team has a unique combination of business and contracting experience, and we have undergone a rigorous training program to learn the latest putting green installation techniques.

Choosing A Putting Green

Most greens are quite simple to install, in fact they need little or no installation but depending on the complexity of your green you may need professional installation experts to do the work for you.

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