I’m torn between dresses! Any Thoughts?

Here are the dresses:

FIRST DRESS: http://media.theknot.com/ImageStage/Objects/0031/0061720/larger_image.jpg

http://www.alfredangelo.com/Collections/ProductDisplay.aspx?style=2034 (same as the first, shows more detail, but I don’t think it does the dress justice)

SECOND DRESS: http://www.essensedesigns.com/dress.php?id=145
(i will be ordering the strapless version!)

I love them both! Either one I choose will have a green sash/ribbon put around it. I have tried on both dresses. The first is so easy to move in, but I feel because the second one is bigger at the bottom it might be more "bridal".

I love the simplicity and relaxed feel of the first one. I’m a very down to earth person/bride. I love the small sweep train of the first one also. The second one has quite a large train which may be quite troublesome (the one i tried on was needed to be hemmed about 5-7 inches!).

Both dresses have the structure and silhouette I love. The first one I feel may look to wrinkly in structure, while the second has distinct folds and is more refined in structure.

I am having an outdoor garden wedding with lots of rock facing, flowers, and a big fountain. Beautiful natural setting.

Any thought would be very helpful. Normally I would ask by fiance, but well we have decided that he will not see my dress till i walk down the aisle in it!

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