Indoor Golf Putting Greens

Indoor Golf Putting Greens – Ideas for Indoor Homemade Putting Greens

In order to be a great putter, you need to work on your putting throughout the year.  This means that you should probably install an indoor putting green in your house so you can practice rain or shine, or when there is two feet of snow outdoors. 

putting green

Many golfing fans are now moving indoor with their practice game, as they are realizing that they would rather look at a low maintenance option, rather than undertake the work required to maintain a practice area outside.  One choice open to golfing enthusiasts today is the use of an artificial putting green carpet instead of the natural grass turf.   An indoor putting green is made with synthetic fibers that obviously remain green all the time unless it is faded by sunlight.  Technology today has created fibers that are stabalized against ultraviolet radiation and therefore are very durable.

Indoor putting greens are known as artificial greens.  This indoor carpet is designed to replicate the stimp meter ratings of a natural grass green.  The stimp meter rating is the distance a ball rolls on a level section of the green after it is released down a pre-measured incline.  The farther the ball travels the faster the speed of the green.  The way these carpets are made today, almost any green condition can be replicated.

Now the reason to put in an indoor putting green is obvious – you can practice any time you want, day or night.  The way these greens are constructed, you can create almost any putting scenario you wish which will help you work on any part of your putting game that may be cause for concern. 

Remember, if you want to beat your buddies, you must be able to knock down that important putt when it counts.  Only through practice can you make that happen on a regular basis. 

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