Indoor wood putting green

4x2x8 boards and a 4×8 sheet of plywood cut 2 4x2x8 boards 45″ and put 2 screws on the outside of the frame lay the last 2 on in the middle place the first one 2 ft from the front and the other one 3 ft from the last one cut 2 holes in the. Plywood and have a whole saw 4″ in diameter put two baskets under the hoes and hold it with coaxial cable staples and turn over board screw the 3″ screws 1 1/2 ft apart then lay your Putting turf over the plywood and staple the turf 1 ft apart the cut the 2 holes out with a knife lastly put 2 pieces of double sided carpet tape under the turf and step on and your ready to play by the way I am not responsible for any injury

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