Legal questions on rental apt.-landlord harrassing me-what do I do?

I moved into this apt in the middle of aug07. I paid a 0 non refundable pet deposit + 0 regular deposit.I asked when I moved in if there was anything not allowed on the balcony. He said no, just no grills.I put down a piece of nice tan outdoor carpeting.I live on the 3rd fl & noone can even see my didn’t say in the lease I couldn’t have it and the porch has green mold on it that comes off on my feet. He said he would evict me & put a note on my door saying that. I wrote him back & said if you want the carpet off fix the porch and the patio door, etc. now I put some dog carriers alongside the locker they don’t fit in it. he said get it out or he would get rid of it. My ceiling has been leaking for over a month, black mold is growing on it, drains are blocked in bath & kit.I pay my rent on time am quiet clean etc. the guy doesn’t like me because I wouldn’t remove the carpet.What rights do I have?How do I turn the rent over to courts?can he evict me?throw my stuff out, etc?

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