LGBT: SURVEY!!!!!! have fun pplz?

what do you wish youre name was?

what famous person would you trade places with?

should rules be broken? followed? or used as guidelines???

how do you study??

do you read instructions b4 putting something together?

small town? or, big city?

how do you like ur potatoes?

foreign films…yay or nay???

smartest person you know??

favorite decorating style?

describe ur style of dressing:

do you like egg nog??

do you like outdoors?

if yes, what is ur favorite outdoor activity?

favorite kind of dog?

worst personality trait?

best personality trait?

you know alot about?

you know nothing about?

biggest ambition?

are you a sucker for a happy ending???

who taught you how to tie ur shoes??

who’s ur hero?

do you believe in magic???

whats a movie you can watch over and over again?

worst show on right now?

what do you like on ur bagels?

board games or bored with games?

favorite number?

what do youre friends call you?

do you wear green on saint patricks day?

what do you splurge on?

did you like this survey???????? 😀

if you did and would like to talk to me plz add me on yahoo w/

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