Make the Most Out Of Your Custom Putting Green

Try these simple practice thoughts when you work on your putting on your indoor putting green.

Becoming a good golfer on the putting green can be very challenging and sometimes extremely frustrating due to the different terrain of throughout 18 holes of golf, but with simple tips and tricks you can improve your golf game and believe it or not actually look forward to putting apposed to dreading it.

One way to improve your short game is to look at the pros and try and see how they are at times able to easily sink very long putts. Of course Tiger Woods would the best example of perfection on the putting green as he is able to consistently be masterful with his short game, but golfers don’t become pros without being very skillful with their putters so watching and analyzing any pro on TV today will do.

A big part of a golfer’s short game is what they do with their arms while putting. You will notice that the keep their arms very straight and somewhat stiff and keep their shoulders, arms and hands in one fluid motion as they follow through with their putt. This minimizes the twisting of the wrists which results in a more accurate putt. They use the putter as an extension of their arm unlike using a driver which can involve many parts of the body including your hips, arms, legs and wrists.

Another key to improving your short game is being aware of your surrounding and adjusting to the terrain of the putting green. You must adjust the grade or slope whether it be up or down. This is not something that is learned overnight and takes time and constant practice.

Author: Ryan Stains

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