Math help please?

1) 3/8 is how much as a decimal, and a percent?
2) 321 percent is how much as a decimal and is what as a fraction?
3) 1/75 is how much as a decimal and a percent?

4) Each side of a square is 1 3/4 inches. What is the
squares perimeter? What is the square’s area?

5) Define the word inequality.

6) Give an example of an inequality.

7) Mr. Hildahl wants to put in a circular synthetic
grass putting green in his backyard. He needs to
know the area of the circle to order the turf. If he
wants the radius of the green to be 8 feet, what
will the area of the green be?

8) If I roll a standard die, answer the following:
Rolling a 1 –
Rolling a 7 –
Rolling a prime # (remember 1 is neither prime nor
Rolling a composite # –
Rolling a factor of 4 –
Rolling a multiple of 2 –

Thanks a lot guys, I hope you guys can help me out with these!

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