Modular Putting Greens for Indoors or Out

Ever wanted to brush up on your putting without leaving home? Here is an easy solution to improve your game and add to your recreation time without breaking the bank.

Tour Links have patented a modular putting green that is easy to install inside or outside your home or office and will improve your game with regular practice. The turf actually replicates Tour speed conditions and with foam mat inserts it can be modified over and over again and easily changed to your needs.

This is a putting system that looks like it costs a fortune, but is able to be installed for less than the price of an average set of clubs.

You can even take it with you and re-install it wherever and whenever you want. See some modular putting greens and get some ideas for your own green at Protech, based in Sydney Australia.

These modular putting greens are extremely tough, built to withstand all climates and retain their color. The panels weigh an average of about 3 kilos each & provide the feel of a real putting surface, so that when you go out on the course you feel the benefits right away.

Build a green and leave it permanently or move it from one location to another.

As every golfer knows, your short game is fifty per cent of match play, so if you can practice putting in the comfort of your own home or office, you will be able to improve your game by vital and gain confidence when it counts.

Did I mention that it will make all your golfing friends "green" with envy? Ouch! I shoulda yelled "Fore" for that one!

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