My mum *might* be taking my 15 yr old kitty to the vet to be put down?

I say might because she might wait for me to be home as I’m at my grandmothers at the moment.

Ok my baby is fifteen, was indoor-outdoor most of her life (she was a street cat for awhile, abandoned by our neighbors), and was poisoned by either eating a poisoned rat or food laced with poison around eight.

Well lately (the last five months or so) she’s been peeing outside her litter box, annoying but not a huge deal. But now she’s started pooping outside her box too and when I looked at her eyes, her normally dark crystal blue pupils are a murky green and her eyes had a grey cast. Ok, cataracts, also annoying but we can deal….

But the last two months she’s been throwing up her food. At first it was maybe once a week and now it’s everyday. We tried changing her food, still the same result. She still loves attention but I can’t stand her being in pain, which I know she is having because she doesn’t like her stomach touched at all.

I can’t imagine life without her, I’ve had her since I was five. I guess this is really a "how do I cope with losing a pet you’ve had for years" question. :[

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