My neighbor’s cat is so thin. I’m worried.?

I have never owned a cat. My dogs hate them! But I can’t help buy care for any animal I encounter. My neighbor’s cat is pretty old. I think I remember them telling me she was 12. I do not know an "old" age declaration for cats. But this cat is so thin, it’s disgusting. She has lost so much hair on her back and the sides of her body have clumps of hair all balled together. Her nose is constantly running with crusty green snot. She is the sweetest cat I have ever encountered as well. She is always walking with me to get the mail. I feed her cat treats that I purchase from the grocery store; I never see any food out for her. I am pretty sure as well that she is an outdoor cat. Her owners, after growning suspicious of what I was thinking about their care for the cat, came over to me one day while I was feeding it. I asked why it was so thin; they said it was old age. But they cannot ever tell me that they have taken her in for blood work, tests, or put her on a weight gaining diet.

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