New outdoor pond – liner getting slimy.?

I put a 50 gallon pond in two weeks ago and it was beautiful. I have some pond lillies, marginal plants, small barley cake and an algae pack in it plus 4 goldfish and a 350 gal/per/hr pump with a pre-filter. About a week ago I noticed the liner getting a little slimy and the water a little greener. I only started feeding the fish a few pieces of pond fish food a few days ago and they eat it right away. If I just reach in and wipe it down, do you think the pump/pre-filter will be able to suction off any/all particles? I’ve read so many books and gone on the internet but found no answers. Please help
Hi seawitch: I went to and it is a pond owners dream come true. Everything you ever need to know about ponds, maintenance, algae, and I could go on and on. Thank you so much for telling me about that web site.

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