Open Backyard – NO PRIVACY!!?

I own a cute little cape with a decent size backyard. I have nice quiet neighbors all around me with gardens, except ONE. I have come to despise these people with their motercycles, loud cars, and the fact that they think they actually can come on my property whenever they want. They have a pit bull mix that is great with people and mean to dogs. She terrorizes my min pin. If I had the money, I’d fence in. But I don’t. Also, they are NOSEY as hell!! Please help!!

A friend got me some great pallets that he used in his backyard as a deck. They look great. I have 6 now and more will be coming. They are great quality wood *(not presure treated) and they have little orange balls for feet. Another friend of mine will get me some sand to put down to make sure all is level. O.K… so that will make the back of my house look better since I had to tear down the deck that was rotting out.

ANY suggestions on how to make my backyard private?? Can I use the pallets with something else to create something??? I’m looking to spend as little as I can here, but I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!! Summer is coming and I want to go outside and enjoy myself.

Please look at the pictures below so you can get a really good look. Mine is the white house. The disrespectful people live in the green house. One picture shows an easement. Although it is NOT a shared driveway, THEY think it is and use it all the time. I can’t get them to stop that either. I once put up rebar – ya, they ran it over and it made tension so bad… another neighbor begged me to take it down just to keep the peace. One shot is the top of the driveway where his garage is (and usually his dog) and thats where him, his wife and their buds will hang out… I know… they have a deck and patio, but they love to look at us.

So, please look and help me out before I go postal on these people!! LOL!!!

I’m hoping this link will get you there:
I thought about hedges… There is a "right of way" between the two properties. I don’t want to mess around too much with roots getting into the sewer system and I’m thinking that they are going to take a while to grow… looking for something for NOW.

Also – as stated above – can’t afford a fence right now; nice to see you can read – duh!
We are not looking to put the pallets up. We want to lay them down as decking b/c we can’t really afford decking. We were thinking about lining them up near the property line with some lattes with vine or something. We will plant stuff to grow, but we are looking for an immediate solution. How about canvas? Or a cheap fence just in that corner of the property?? I just want to enjoy my backyard this summer without being stared at – watching their pit bull pissing on my property and them laughing about it. I’d make a stink, but like I said, I’m trying to keep the peace. I’ve tried going the seriously mean stance place and that was much worse!!

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