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Improve your game by practicing putting in your basement or backyard.

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Artificial grass golf green surfaces for putting greens and backyard golf practice areas. Holds a golf shot from 180 yards away and allows you to practice the scoring clubs right out the back door. Technorati Tags: artificial, backyard, courts, fake, grass, greens, putting, sport, surface, synthetic, tennis, turf

07 Mar, 2011

Indoor Putting Greens

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IntelliTurf indoor putting green surfaces for short chip shots and putting practice. Artificial grass golf surface with fringe turf looks great and delivers perfect practice conditions when you can’t get outdoors. Technorati Tags: artificial, basement, fake, golf, grass, green, indoor, putting, surface, synthetic, turf

02 Mar, 2011

How to Build a Putting Green(2007)hamdani

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Book reveals secrets to putting green development. Hamdani tends to demystify, unfold and reveal Backyard Putting Greens know How. Apply these techniques to your lawn and landscape. Technorati Tags: grass, greens, putting

20 Jan, 2011

Backyard Putting Greens/Golf

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“How to Build a Putting Green,” (c)2007 hamdani. Buy the book! Hamdani has created a craze among backyard golf putting green enthusiast. He covers construction, design, grass and turf, and everything you need to know. Technorati Tags: backyard, golf, grass, greens, putting, synthetic

We have a house with a grassy backyard that grows right up to the edge of the house. We keep grass well maintained- short. Sprinkler water & rain water run towards the house and get the walls very wet and is leaving a green water stain on the wall (stucco). Is this something to be […]

21 Dec, 2010

frost damage on my turf grass

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backyard putting green frost damage Technorati Tags: backyard, damage, frost, grass, green, MY, on, putting, turf

25 Nov, 2010

Leveled Putting Green Surface

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View of leved putting green prior to synthetic putting green installation. Technorati Tags: area, artificial, backyard, Bay, Ca, dog, fake, Francisco, free, golf, grass, green, greens, indoor, Jose, lawn, lawns, lead, outdoor, practice, putting, run, San, synthetic, turf

I got the steps of this web site. The web site is WWW.KINIPELA.CA/GREEN.HTML (if you want to take a look). To sum it up, it says dig a hole 18inches deep then put 4inches of pea gravel then fill the rest of the hole with dirt then plant the grass. But i live in Northeast […]

Building breaks and undulations on the synthetic putting green. Technorati Tags: area, artificial, Bay, Ca, dog, fake, free, grass, lawn, lawns, lead, run, synthetic, turf

20 Nov, 2010

is 20mm too high of grass for a putting green?

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