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Improve your game by practicing putting in your basement or backyard.

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The DreamGreen indoor putting game can be the life of the party. Have fun and improve your putting and chipping skills at the same time. Technorati Tags: game, golf, green, indoor, party, putting

25 Jul, 2012

Glowing Green indoor putting golf alley

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Technorati Tags: alley, Glowing, golf, green, indoor, putting

31 May, 2012

My new home putting green

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My new home putting green. It’s a Tour Links custom made the room it is in. There are 3 holes, and a small area designed for chipping. It was ordered and installed by Synthetik Surfaces Canada. Technorati Tags: beach, custom, golf, green, indoor, links, Mickelson, Pebble, Phil, putting, RORY, Synthetik, tiger, tour, WOODS

20 Apr, 2012

Big Moss Commercial

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Indoor Putting Greens Commercial about all the models we carry and the benefits of owning a Big Moss Putting Green. Technorati Tags: Big Moss, Big Moss Golf, Cheap, chipping, golf, green, greens, Home, homemade, indoor, Indoor Putting Greens, lawn, mats, nylon, outdoor putting green, Personal putting greens, putting, putting green, turf

PLAYFUL “Pumpkin” Queen Zoe, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel @almost 23 months playing on the icying putting green at our backyard!! It is Fall. We had the 1st snow storm of the season which lasted from yesterday evening till this morning? White Christmas comes early and the end of gardening season 🙁 It was freezing […]

17 Mar, 2012

Backyard putting practice

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None Technorati Tags: backyard, donald, golfer, green, greens, Kid, luke, practice, prodigy, putter, putting, southwest, swing

This is a synthetic putting green and synthetic turf installed over an existing cement patio. Designed by The Green Guy of Paso Robles CA. Technorati Tags: artificial turf, backyard, concrete, green, Green over concrete, Home, How to install, Over, putting, putting green, synthetic turf

15 Feb, 2012

Golf trick shots 6 indoor putting green

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Indoor Putting Greens We have made an indoor putting green and did some golf tricks with it! *Golf trick shots with indoor putting mat* Technorati Tags: golf, Golftricks, green, indoor, putting, Shots, trick, Tricks

10 Jan, 2012

Backyard putting green cunstruction

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1999 Backyard putting green project Technorati Tags: backyard, construction, course, golf, golf course, golfing, grass, green, putting, Real, rotarycomptech, tee, tiger, turf, WOODS

07 Jan, 2012

Building a home practice Green

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This Video shows the steps taken to build a professional quality home practice Green from start to finish. Removing grass, laying down geotech cloth, laying down base material in layers and compacting, final shaping, installing cup sleeves, laying out the synthetic turf and seaming, adding the special infill sand in layers, then topdressing and finally […]