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27 Oct, 2011

Putting Tips for Starting on Line

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Starting on line is an important part of putting, and can make a big different in the outcome of your putt. Here are some putting tips for starting on line. Technorati Tags: About,, advice, diy, education, expert, golf, golf tips, help, how to, how to video, howto, improve putting, instruction, instructiona, instructional, learn, on […]

01 Sep, 2011

Golf Tip : Putting Cross Hand

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A common putting fault among amateurs is to let the left wrist break down through the putt. This fault will rob you of distance and have you leaving every putt short. Check out this video to see an example of the left wrist breaking down. And a drill to help eliminate this fault from your […]

Check out this wonderful putting tip from PurePoint Golf on how to correct your back swing during the putt. Technorati Tags: backswing, golf, instruction, learn, lesson, putt, putting, Secrets, swing, tips, Video

25 Jun, 2011

Stan Utley Putting Tip

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Stan Utley offers a easy drill to improve putting Technorati Tags: Arizona, Grayhawk, instruction, putting, Scottsdale, Utley

17 Jun, 2011

Golf Putting Tip: Cross Hand Drill

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Golf Putting Tip: A common putting fault among amateur golfers is allowing the wrist to break down thru the putt. Putting cross hand is a great drill for eliminating this fault from your golf game. If you enjoy this golf tip then sign up for 10 Free HD videos guaranteed to improve your golf game […]

10 Jun, 2011

Putt For Dough Putting Tip From Justin Rose

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Practice putting golf tips from Justin Rose to ensure you win the money! Technorati Tags: golf, instruction, Justin, practice, putting, rose, tips DVD Excerpt #1 Watch this excerpt from The Putting Doctor’s DVD “How to Putt Well”. Visit to book a lesson, a group clinic, or to buy the DVD (credit card or mail order). The DVD may also be rented or purchased for online download at — go to: Technorati Tags: Bermel, […]

Every golfer wants to sink more putts, more often. gives you free instruction tips to help you get there and improve your golf game across the board – here’s just a sample. For full clips, visit today and sign up to become a part of Canada’s golf authority for free! Technorati Tags: golf, […]

07 Feb, 2011

Golf’s Red Zone Putting Tip

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Charlie King gives several tips that can improve your speed control and ability to get the ball on-line. Technorati Tags: golf, instruction, lessons, putting, Red, SCHOOL, tip, tips, zone

Famous disc golf coach and pro Mark Ellis presents this in-depth program that guarantees your putting success. Technorati Tags: Disc, Discraft, ellis, frisbee, golf, help, instruction, putt, sports, tips