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31 May, 2012

My new home putting green

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My new home putting green. It’s a Tour Links custom made the room it is in. There are 3 holes, and a small area designed for chipping. It was ordered and installed by Synthetik Surfaces Canada. Technorati Tags: beach, custom, golf, green, indoor, links, Mickelson, Pebble, Phil, putting, RORY, Synthetik, tiger, tour, WOODS

10 Jan, 2012

Backyard putting green cunstruction

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1999 Backyard putting green project Technorati Tags: backyard, construction, course, golf, golf course, golfing, grass, green, putting, Real, rotarycomptech, tee, tiger, turf, WOODS

For every inch up/down in elevations, add/subtract a foot Slow Conditions = Take approximately 10% off the putt Average Conditions = Take approximately 20% off the putt Fast Conditions = Take approximately 30% off the putt Tournament Conditions = Take approximately 40% off the putt EA SPORTS Game Changer CCCGolfer08 shows you how to make […]

23 Jun, 2011

new indoor putting green(dont try at home.)

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me putting a few holes and make two nice shots. other wise a fail. Technorati Tags: arcade, blue, bonnie, course, Day, don, elvisknowsall, eye, eye tiger, fail, game, golden, golden tee, golf, Great, green, live, mess, moor, Red, tee, tee great, think, tiger, tiger woods, trust, try, uhhhhhh…….., Video, watch, webcam, WOODS, yellow

23 May, 2011

Deshayes Dream Greens on Channel 10

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Deshayes Dream Greens was spotlighted on Channel 10. This video references Tiger Woods and Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. For more information on indoor putting greens check out Technorati Tags: adam, golf, greens, indoor, putting, sandler, tiger, WOODS

Hit fullswing golf shots in your own backyard with a real ball! Technorati Tags: almost golf, birdie ball, correct golf swing, driving range, fairway, fix hook, fix slice, Golf Cage, golf club, golf course, golf net, golf practice, golf swing, green, Net Return, pga, practice device, Practice Golf Balls, putting, rope it, tiger, training […]

The Putt-Kew game is the greatest backyard 18 hole golf game with realistic golf situations. Quite different to other golf related games which actually are not conducive to the real game. This one is, and challenging so! visit Technorati Tags: 30, Africa, aid, backyard, foot, ft, game, golf, green, handicap, improve, in, like, lower, […]

20 Mar, 2011

Back Yard Synthetic Putting Green

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Plays Just Like a Real Green, with Ajustable Ball Speed and Will Accept Chips From 15 Yards. Slash Strokes OFF Your Short Game. Technorati Tags: alberta, chip, grass, green, lesson, lethbridge, NIKE, perfect, pga, practice, putting, speed, stimp, synthetic, tiger, turf, WOODS

17 Mar, 2011

Backyard Golf Putting Green Part 2

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Update 23 May 2009 – The green is starting to really thicken up. There are still some bald patches tho, especially around the edges near the fringe. Got a pre-loved greens mower yesterday and gave the green a haircut today and shot this video. Nice chessboard pattern starting to appear too. Topdress and overseed due […]

14 Mar, 2011

Backyard Golf Putting Green

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My green is starting to slowly come together – a bit patchy in parts, but you get the general idea. I did the 1st cut today at 3/4 inch height, and gave the collar of the green a bit of rash by cutting down more than 1/3 at once (I know, my bad), but overall […]