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20 Apr, 2012

Big Moss Commercial

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Indoor Putting Greens Commercial about all the models we carry and the benefits of owning a Big Moss Putting Green. Technorati Tags: Big Moss, Big Moss Golf, Cheap, chipping, golf, green, greens, Home, homemade, indoor, Indoor Putting Greens, lawn, mats, nylon, outdoor putting green, Personal putting greens, putting, putting green, turf

10 Jan, 2012

Backyard putting green cunstruction

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1999 Backyard putting green project Technorati Tags: backyard, construction, course, golf, golf course, golfing, grass, green, putting, Real, rotarycomptech, tee, tiger, turf, WOODS

07 Jan, 2012

Building a home practice Green

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This Video shows the steps taken to build a professional quality home practice Green from start to finish. Removing grass, laying down geotech cloth, laying down base material in layers and compacting, final shaping, installing cup sleeves, laying out the synthetic turf and seaming, adding the special infill sand in layers, then topdressing and finally […]

Artificial synthetic grass turf sod for minigolfs and putting greens for indoors and outdoors. Maintenance free, ready to be used anytime of the year. Play with your family and friends. Check out our website at Technorati Tags: artificial, betterthanrealgrass, grass, greens, how, Indoors, install, Minigolf, outdoors, putting, sod, synthetic, to, turf

15 Sep, 2011

What is the best turf putting green?

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I am looking to get a turf putting green installed in my yard but there are so many options that I don"t know which ones the best. I am looking to get about a 500 sq foot green Technorati Tags: putting green, quot, turf

I’m preparing to install a Putting Green in my back yard for golfing. My area is only 10′ X 10′ where should I look to buy that turf? And how quickly can they get it to me? Technorati Tags: back yard, putting green, turf

Back Nine Greens plans, designs and installs custom artificial grass putting greens for your home or business. Technorati Tags: artificial putting greens, artificial turf, Backyard Putting Greens, synthetic grass, turf

i was thinking about building it like a deck. about a half a foot off the ground, then covering it with ply-wood. then taking some sort of fake turf. then taking some PVC pipe to make 2 or 3 cups.using a thin wooden dowel and some fabric for flags. also to make it a little […]

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14 Apr, 2011

Excavation and Retaining Wall Construction

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Since this will be a raised putting green a retaining wall is required. Dirt must be moved to the wall from near the house. Technorati Tags: area, artificial, backyard, Bay, Ca, dog, fake, Francisco, free, golf, grass, green, greens, indoor, Jose, lawn, lawns, lead, outdoor, practice, putting, run, San, synthetic, turf