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28 May, 2010

The Amazing Putter and Giant Putting Green with RoboCup.

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Indoor Putting Greens OK, your a golfer or you would not be watching this video. You have a putter, you have tried putters and regardless of how much you have spent nothing has really changed. To add insult to injury, if you are approaching or have reached middle age, you are getting the yips. I am 52 and I have the freaking yips. Ball striking no problem, putting BIG PROBLEM!. We have had a chance to endorse many putters over the years, we never did, because at the end of the day, the score didn’t change. I can tell you that this is different. Also, I think it is the method even more than the putter. “Anchoring” or stabilizing this putter on your thigh is amazing. Now the putter goes to the same place back and through. When you watch the DVD that comes with this, you will understand. The putter has two changes which make it work better for this method. 1) It is heavy, it closes automatically at the bottom of the wrist hinged swing. 2) It has a steep angle into your body, so that you can stabilize it on your thigh. In this video, Paul is stabilizing the putter on his right thigh, this is where he feels best. All other people I have introduced this to, as well as the people in all of the training video show the putter anchored to the left leg if you are a right handed golfer. Clearly, it is a choice, but Paul makes it work, even on the “wrong” leg.

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