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19 May, 2010

The Pendulum Approach – How To Line Up Putts

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There are many different methods to determine the break on the green.  One thing that all golfers should do is to take a look at the position of your ball in relation to the hole before you get to the green itself.  Just like water, a golf ball rolls down hill.  When you see the green from afar, just imagine where the water will collect if it starts raining.  This is the general slope of the green and the water will collect in certain areas.

That sounds simple enough, but how do you know exactly how much to play the break?  One simple method for determining the break is to use the pendulum method for reading the break.  To do this is fairly simple.  First, stand behind the ball and stand with your feet apart and straddle the line from the ball to the hole.  You need to make your stance so that your left and right feet are an equal distance from the line.  This means that an imaginary line drawn from the hole to the ball passes directly through the middle of your body.
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Next, hold the putter with two fingers right near the butt of the club so that the putter swings just like a pendulum.  The putter should easily move from left to right if you are doing this correctly.  Then, close your lazy eye – this would be your left eye if you are right handed, or your right eye if you are left handed.
Line up the shaft of the putter with the ball using your dominate eye and then look where the shaft is pointing next to the hole.  This is where you putt for the break.

For example, if the shaft lines up two inches to the left of the hole, then the ball will break two inches to the right.  All you do is then aim to that point.  This method is an easy one to do and works very well on bent grass greens.  Bent grass greens generally do not have much grain that will also affect how much the ball will break.  If you are on Bermuda, then you should also take into account the direction the grass is growing – towards the low points, towards any water or towards the low point of the course.  The ball will break more, or less, depending on where the grain is growing – more towards the grain and less against the grain.

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