Tidal Turf Green Install – Backyard Putting Green

This is a video of a backyard putting green we installed. The back quarter of the green, and a spot in the center, is really scalped down to the dirt in some areas because we did not have the bedknife and height of cut properly adjusted. The green was seeded with KingPin Creeping Bentgrass in the Fall of 2009. The substrate for the green was a combination of peat moss, black dirt, and sand. The substrate base (thickness/depth) is roughly 4″. We did not follow USGA requirements or suggestions when we built this green with regard to drainage, which, admittedly, we probably should have… we did this as a test, for a basic, modified push-up style green. We cut the green with a Jacobsen 422 (early 90’s mower). Although an older mower, it does a really nice job once it is dialed-in. The model of the greens mower is 62244. We got a heck of a deal on 4 of these mowers, and we just couldn’t pass up the offering. The modified push-up style green is a very cost effective method of installing a green, eventhough it is not USGA spec. The green will serve the backyard golfer well over the course of the years with proper maintenance. We will update over the course of the seasons. Thanks for watching.

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