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18 Apr, 2011

Very unhappy with lawn, would like new yard, how much/long?

Posted by: aaa_janitor In: Backyard Putting Greens

My yard stinks…brown grass, heavy thinning spots, dead fruit trees, etc (it’s not sodded). I would very much like to start a new lawn with new landscaping. Has anyone done this? How much would it be to sod for a 0.23 acre lot?

I don’t have a green thumb at all. Would a cheaper alternative be to have a gardener come out say once per week and do some kind of revitalization treatments?

Also I don’t have an inground sprinkler system, would I be putting my money in the trash by doing sod?

Last question..I was looking on BHG at the no-mow backyards, I really like those!! Those look really expensive though. Anyone have an experience with those?

And to have a professional do a new yard, how long does that take? Weeks, months?

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