What do i do with this little green caterpillar?

Well, as i was walking home with my friends, we stumbled across a cute little caterpillar curled up in the middle of the sidewalk. I didn’t know why it was there, but i would have been stepped on if i didn’t do anything, so i took a leaf and brought him home. I made him a little cage with dirt on the bottom, a stick to rest and possible give him a place for him to make him cocoon, and i have a jar cap with paper towels and water inside to keep him from drying out. He wasnt eating any of the leaves from my backyard, so i went down to the area that he was around. I didnt put him back in the area where i found him, because apparently, there were wasps around there and i have heard that wasps eat caterpillars, so i took him in. I took some leaves from around the area and put it in him cage. Nothing yet. I’m worried, because he doesn’t move that much. He moves when he wants to.

BTW, his name is Henry.

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